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Earthing Products Differences

The 2 most purchased products are the Mat and the Half Sheet:

The Universal Mat:     

Made from sturdy conductive carbonized rubber, the universal mat can be used anywhere as a barefoot floor mat, desk mat, mouse pad or on a chair, couch or bed.

Most often the 10 x 27 inch mat, with a 15 ft. cord, serves as a floor mat to place your bare feet on as you work at the computer, or as a desk mat to ground your hands while typing or using the mouse. Being grounded gives physiological protection from electrical and electronic fields produced by the computer work station (laptop, desktop, monitors, lamp, printer and wiring).

The mat when purchased separately comes with a conductive fabric sleeve-like cover. You can slip the mat into the cover if you choose for added comfort to use while sitting in your favorite chair or lying on the couch or, alternatively, as a sleep system for your bed. There is some reduction in conductivity with the use of the cover.

The mat connects to the Earth with a cord via the ground port of an electrical outlet, or you can use it with an optional ground rod if the wall outlet is not grounded.


The Earthing Half (1/2) Sheet:      Use the safe ground outlet, but no electricity.

The Earthing Half Sheet (also called the Bed Pad) is usually placed at the foot end of bed, over the bottom fitted sheet, and tucked around and under mattress. Placing your bare feet or any part of your bare body on the sheet grounds your body to the Earth during sleep.

It is long enough to go across the width of a King bed. The Half Sheet can also be placed lengthwise on the bed for one person use on any size bed.

The 1/2 sheet connects to the Earth with a ground cord. One end of the cord snaps onto the sheet. The prong end of the cord inserts into the ground port of an electrical outlet or connects to a ground rod if the wall outlet is not grounded.


Which one should you get: the Universal Rubber Mat vs. the Half Cotton Sheet?

To get the greatest benefit from Earthing the most important thing you can do is to sleep grounded due to having 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted grounding when the body is already in healing mode. We sleep every night so without any added effort we can instead sleep grounded and improve our health.

There are 3 reasons why you may want to use the cotton Half Sheet in the Bed instead of the Universal Rubber Mat.

1st is for comfort, as the cotton sheet is larger and softer to touch. The rubber mat being smaller some people find it a distraction, or they might worry if they are touching it or not while sleeping.

The 2nd reason why some people prefer the sheet is if someone has a chronic condition. The sheet being larger allows for more access points into the body which could be more quickly beneficial to someone with a condition that affects different parts of the body. The Earth's healing electrons flow into the body from wherever the body makes contact. If the only contact is via the smaller rubber mat, an overall body condition may not receive the electron flow as quickly.

Otherwise both devices very effectively ground and reset the physiology electrical matrix to that of the Earth's healing frequencies, so it is just a matter of speed and health condition.

A 3rd reason to have the sheet on the bed would be for someone who wants to leave their bed set-up grounded all the time. If you don't use the computer then you may only need the Half Sheet. If you use the computer, you may want the mat left there without having to move the mat back and forth.


Earthing Starter Kit:      Sleep better and be protected at the computer.

The Starter Kit includes both the Mat and the Half Sheet in one kit.

The Starter Kit also includes one more valuable additional item, an Earthing Product Continuity Tester. With the Product Continuity Tester, you can easily test your Earthing cords, bands, mat, or sheet to make sure they are properly working.

You can even test it on your skin which indicates that you are also conductive to the flow of electrons, and this will let you know if you are drinking enough water which helps make you more conductive.

Also the kit includes a Wall Outlet Checker which lights up to confirm that you have a good ground on the outlet you connect into.

You save $30.00 when buying the Earthing Starter Kit over buying the items separately.


Bottom Fitted Bed Sheets:      Fitted Sheet

For anyone wanting to be connected to the Earth no matter where they are on the bed, the Earthing Fitted sheets are the perfect luxurious solution. The experience of thousands of people using the Earthing sheet over the last 12 years has made it clear that when there is more surface area of the body touching the Earthing sheet, there are more access points for the earth's healing electrons to flow into the body, and the quicker someone can lower their inflammatory symptoms.

Made of 100% cotton, this sheet replaces your usual bottom fitted sheet and are designed for each size bed. The fitted sheets stays tight on the mattress and will not require straightening out like the half sheet does after each night's sleep. For 2 people sleeping on the bed, it is a bit more comfortable then the Half Sheet and can be washed regularly.


The feedback we get from our Earthing product users is the more time or hours you are grounded each day, the more quickly or effectively you reduce inflammation and it's symptoms.

There are 2 Other Products that you can use that are supplemental.

These items may be valuable if you an ongoing health issue, or want to slow down the free radical rampage associated with inflammation and aging as they can allow you to get more grounding time in during the day. They are usually worn while at the computer, or relaxing.

Band Kits:      Band Kit

The first product is a Set of 2 or 3 Bands which slip around the wrist, ankle, knee or torso. These bands though small will synchronize the body to earth ground. You can sleep grounded with a band. The limitation is that you sleep tethered to the cord and that the point of entry is very limited to a small band. Also the bands tend to ware out quicker when used a lot.

Patch Kit:      Patch Kit

The other item is a Set of Patches which stick on the skin and are usually placed where there is pain. The patch kit includes 50 patches and a cord. Obviously both of these products are limited in their Earth energy entry surface area, but are valuable for specific sore areas.

It is important to understand to get the full benefit one needs to sleep grounded and be protected while on the computer if they use it daily.

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