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Earthing Testimonials

We truly appreciate when someone shares
their Earthing experience with others.

Bart Walton and Wife - - Age 59 - Acupuncturist
- Light sleeper, low back pain and some joint inflammation - Sleep is much deeper. No effect on back pain or joint inflammation - Change noticed immediately, the first couple of days. (3 months use)
I continue to use the earthing 1/2 sheet regularly and pad frequently. Who knows for certain, but this might be playing a role in what seems to be some significant shifting going on within my psyche. Feels like I am becoming more clear in my thinking and perhaps more productive, more functional, as well. This is quite meaningful and important to me as I have tended to battle with self doubt and indecision and, quite unhappily, with what I'd call, a lack of practical productivity. Again, not sure what causes might be in effect, really......could be for a number of reasons. so, this is not a reliable report but I thought I'd share my suspicion with you anyway. We'll see if I continue to feel increasingly more grounded into the future and if I really end up being more creative and productive and hopefully feel some improvement within relationships, too. ha .....I'm not asking for too much, am I???!!!!! (3 months)
66, Retired, Stomach Problems and Arthritis , Immediate Relief, about a week for the stomach, arthritis immediately. (3 months)
68, Arthritis , Relief in first week. (2 1/2 months)
42, PSTD, chronic with mental problems, relief came in allowing her to sleep and rest so she can deal with what traumatic childhood abuse she had dealt with her entire life. She says she is happier. Unexpected, but resting allows the body and mind to heal. (3 weeks)

gracefully aging 60+ female. Profession: Invincible America Course Participant, secretary. Health issues: Hard to go to sleep, knee pain. Earthing has effected those issues. Both are better. (4 months)
Age 34 I've had a myriad of back and neck problems since a car accident in my late teens. Since I've been using the Earthing Connection Mat and bed sheet I've experienced a dramatic reduction in my level of inflammation and discomfort. Within the first few hours I noticed a difference. It has been amazing. Thanks so much! (2 1/2 months)
As you know I love my earthing sheet. We took it with us to New Zealand and have it wired through the window directly to the ground outside because the plugs are different here. I had some trouble with restlessness and inability to fall asleep for a few years before I started using the sheet. Now I don't have trouble falling asleep and I wake up feeling great. My dreams are vivid, even more so since we connected directly to the ground in NZ.

I also got an earthing pad for my dog Bob. He is 13 now and for about a year before we got him his earthing pad he had chronic eye infections in one eye. It would have mucus in it every morning. I used antibiotic eyedrops from the vet which would clear it up, but when I stopped using them the condition would always come back. When he started sleeping on the earthing pad the condition cleared up without eyedrops and never came back. Also before he started sleeping on the pad he would jump up suddenly from lying down for no apparent reason. Since he started using the pad he hasn't done this. (3 months)

Jeff Albert 64, retired. Health Issues: Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Failing Eyesight, Colon Cancer Survivor, G.I. problems, insomnia, poor balance, depression
Effects: I sleep deeper and have more vivid dreams. Improvement in mood and alertness. So far other issues are about the same. How long: I noticed an effect from grounding within three days. (6 weeks use of product)
Bart Walton
Dear Friends and Clients, Occasionally, I come across a genuine breakthrough in natural health care...A low cost idea that is easy to apply, that anyone can use at home and that is applicable to everyone regardless of age or body type. Earthing and Barefoot products definitely fall into this category.

"Earthing" is based on the principle that a positive electrical charge tends to accumulate in the human body. In a natural setting, walking barefoot on the Earth, this charge is removed by the abundance of negatively charged electrons that are in and on the Earth. But these days, we don't spend much time touching the Earth. We live in insulated environments and wear shoes with non-conducting soles. As a result, the positive electrical charge accumulates in the body, accelerating the aging process (through the formation of free radicals), reducing circulation and oxygen absorption and increased inflammation on a cellular level.

Earthing products remedy this situation, easily while we work and sleep. They are simple to use, safe, relatively inexpensive, and they work! I've been sleeping on a grounded bed pad for a week and can attest to better sleep, reduced stiffness and inflammation in the body, increased mental alertness and increased energy.

In particular, looking at the scientific studies, people report almost universally reduced inflammation, reduced muscular and skeletal pain, reduced allergies, greater sense of well being, more alertness and better quality sleep.

If nothing else, I recommend that you read the book, Earthing Please feel free to call me if you have specific questions.

Warm regards, BW

PS: I have no business association with Earthing products and do not receive any remuneration or commission from sales.

Jim Lind
62, Earthing Products Sales ( real objective eh), I have had skeletal-muscular structural problems since childhood, which as I have gotten older produce varying amounts of body discomfort on a daily basis depending on my activity. This problem has made sleep light and kept me in a constant state of fatigue.

The first day long use of the rubber earthing mat while on the computer, I found that the usual afternoon mental fatigue was gone and I was instead alert. I used the mat for sleeping and the first night I had much deeper sleep then I had in many months, maybe years. After 5 days I ordered the 1/2 sheet for the bed as it is more comfortable then the mat. I found the same deeper sleep with the sheet.

Over the weeks I gradually found my body was more relaxed and more comfortable upon waking and throughout the day. I started to notice a greater since of calm and well-being that comes with a more rested physiology. I also do my daily meditations connected to an earthing product and found that I settle down into a deeper state and come out much more refresh and clear headed. It has been about 6 months of Earthing and I keep finding more and more layers of inflammation disappearing and feeling more integrated into my body, mind and Self.

Age 65. I received my king-sized Barefoot Connections bed pad in mid-September, 2010. That afternoon after work, I lay down and put the plugged-in pad over my body. I put my hands on top of it, palms down over my heart area. A sensation began immediately of something flowing profusely into my palms, especially the left palm. It was like Niagara Falls. It was a very pleasant sensation. It appears my body was "electron-starved," even though I spent as much time outside as possible. The problem was that I was never barefoot. Whenever I walked or hiked, I always wore footwear that acted as an insulator from the electrons that pour from the earth. Because I use the pad every night (for four months now), I don't feel that sensation anymore.

I drop off to sleep more quickly and wake up feeling more refreshed. The quality of my sleep has improved a great deal. Before using the bed pad, falling asleep was sometimes a problem for me. If I do have difficulty sleeping one night because I've exercised or eaten or stayed up too late, I notice that I feel stronger and more stable the next day, even though I haven't had the ideal amount of sleep.

I noticed a profound reduction in anxiety within a month or so of starting to use the pad. Before using the pad I suffered from a chronic low level of anxiety. It affected my life in many ways, but because the anxiety had begun at such a young age (probably at 2 years), I didn't really know it was there (like fish not noticing water). Only recently had I become aware of it. Once I started using the pad, I began to have a baseline experience of much less anxiety. Now when something triggers an anxious moment (for example, a difficult interaction with my manager at work), it actually feels uncomfortable instead of normal. I find myself taking steps to change the situation so I can get back to a non-anxious state rather than just enduring the familiar discomfort. With less anxiety, my general mood has been more positive and optimistic. I have felt happier.

I had begun to experience "inflam-aging," where just by the aging of the body a condition of general inflammation occurs. The way I noticed it in my body was that I was beginning to move around the house in a kind of stiff, bent-over way. When in public I didn't move this way as much, but at home I really noticed it. After using the pad, I noticed right away that I was moving more gracefully and freely both at home and away.

At the time I received the pad, I was still recovering from a badly sprained big toe on my left foot. I had sprained it while dancing six months before. I had had several different treatments, which had helped somewhat, but the joint was still inflamed and very tender. Quite quickly I noticed the inflammation went away, and the sprain began to heal so that at this point (four months of use) the joint is almost completely normal.

67, Retired, Huntington's Disease involuntary movements. Sleeping much better, no longer biting tongue and swallowing liquids easier. Noticed in about 1 month. Total earthing time 2 1/2 months.
K. G. Mcguinness
Fairfield, IA... Relieved my fatigue and reversed my Lupus , May 8, 2010

I started using the grounding bed sheet about 2 months ago. I have had Lupus probably for the last 10 years and even went to the Mayo clinic to try to get some relief. It started with my kidneys and over time some of the markers for lupus showed up in my blood work.

This last year has been extremely stressful having to sell my house in a bad economy etc and so my condition became extremely aggravated. Signs of swelling in my face and constant fatigue kept increasing over the fall and into the new year. I felt desperate since the drugs I was taking gave me only temporary relief and then I had to deal with unwanted side effects.

When I started sleeping on the grounding sheet I was hopeful both because of the clinical research studies and because of the logical explanation of how it can reduce inflammation by neutralizing the positive charge stuck in an ungrounded body. After 6 weeks I noticed I was feeling quite a bit better and finally was scheduled to go to my doctor for a checkup. When he looked at the report he said " Very Good! This is the first time I have seen your blood work come out normal. You no longer have any signs of Lupus."

That confirmed my inner felling that the grounding therapy was indeed having a profound effect, way out of proportion to the simplicity of grounding and the relatively negligible cost for the sheet. I would like to thank the authors of this book (Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?) for alerting me to such an effective yet simple way to dramatically improve my health! A Very Big Thank You!!!! As of January, 2011 Kati is still showing no signs of lupus and still sleeping on an Earthing sheet.

Update April 7, 2011

I wanted to share some great medical news with you. My lupus has been "dormant" since I started earthing about a year ago. It's like having a second chance at life to be free of the pain and fatigue. Because the memory of those debilitating symptoms never leaves, I make certain to be grounded every night - even when I'm traveling.

I had a physical with a new internist last week and asked her to test my blood for anti-nuclear antibodies, the hallmark of autoimmune disease. I'm delighted to report that my blood levels are normal: no antinuclear antibodies or other markers of inflammation. God bless Clint Ober!

62, Account Manager. Health issues prior to Earthing: spinal cord damage . How Earthing has effected those issues: I am sleeping much more soundly and have less pain. My overall energy has improved along with an inner calm. How long it took to see this change; I slept all night the first night I used it, which hadn't happened in many years. I noticed my energy level had increased after a few weeks. ( 2 months)
P. C
female, age 60. Since I started using the earthing band, 4 months ago, at night and also during my long seating period of meditation, I have noticed the following benefits: Significant reduction in pain . I had a neck injury due to accident many years ago, and neck and shoulder pain was almost a daily reality. I just noticed a week ago, that the pain almost 100% gone. Also, lower back pain is significantly less & there is some strain due to prolong sitting or weather changes, the recovery time is very fast. Sleep quality has improved - almost from the 2nd or the 3rd night. No doubt it is a very effective and simple tool !
Age 60. I started to use the band on my wrist 4 month ago at night. I suffered from severe pain in my right arm, due to many hours working on the computer . After a few days the pain was reduced significantly and doesn't bother me anymore during daily activity. Lately I added the car pad as a night pad, and my sleep is deeper and I'm more refreshed in the morning.
Age 62. Semi-retired School Psychologist. Health issues prior to Earthing.: Anxiety/Depression; Arthritis; Back and neck pain; Hypothyroidism. How Earthing has effected those issues. It is difficult to say. I tend to sleep through the night more and wake with a more positive attitude. I haven't really noticed any decrease in my other symptoms. One Month.
Age 59, male. Diabetes and sleeping disorder for several years. I was given a 10 minute explanation about Earthing by my neighbor and so had no expectations about what it would do. I stuck the rubber mat in my bed that night. I usually sleep with 3 pairs of socks as my feet are so cold. During the night, I took off all of my socks as my feet were so warm and I slept much better. This has continued that way for 5 weeks even though it has been cold at night. I also have noticed that my circulation feels stronger and that I can breath easier.
M Mantle, Age 62, Manager. sleeping problems and stiff joints sleeping deeper and longer, less stiffness (in) 2 weeks. I usually get a massage every Friday over the last 13 years. My regular therapist asked what I had been up to as she noticed a reduction in swelling in my knees. She was so impressed she went out and bought a sheet for herself and started promoting the products in her practice.
R.T. Sleeping grounded produces a very subtle, but positive effect. When I sleep un-plugged it is obvious that I miss it. I sleep better grounded.
L.C. Earthing got rid of my PMS . I sleep better. Even if sleep is interrupted, I am not as tired. Even if only 10% of what they say in the book comes ture, it's great!
Russel P. Kitty like most in-door cats craves the contact with the healing earth.

With permission... a lady who was having very strong hot flashes both during the day and while trying to sleep. The first time she attached herself to an Earthing product her hot flash was abated. Since sleeping grounded both her sleep and days have been almost completely free of flashes and the few she has had are more mild. She told me she that she is 90% free of them since sleeping grounded the last 2 months.
Fairfield female. I have had Fibromyalgia for many years which has given me constant pain day and night and making it difficult to sleep. I have been sleeping on the Earthing sheet for almost 2 weeks at the time of this statement. Now I look forward to going to sleep. If I wake up to use the bathroom, I go right back to sleep. In the morning I awake feeling rested and without pain. I have some pain that comes back during the day, but much less. I just purchased 2 Earthing bands to use while at the computer and one for reading and watching TV. As soon as I put it on I could feel the earth energy flowing into my body and the discomfort going away. It is absolute bliss!
P.M. I love the naturalness of earthing. Simple, easy, effective. Benefits are subtle but huge by aligning individual body with the earth's body. I've noticed that sleep is more restful; digestion and elimination more fluid and flowing; joints also more fluid and no aches.
Sandy Watsey Interesting news on the sheet.....we both are sleeping like babies and Norm's shoulder problem (which he has had for some time) has disappeared.

I pulled a muscle in my lower back yesterday...really bad, could barely walk. I put the band on for the remainder of the day and after sleeping last night there is considerable improvement. I love it!

Rhonda Whittaker, LMT Hi, Jim. Here's an Earthing testimonial for you.

My Earthing pad is a wonderful and interesting life preserver. For instance, it has helped me regain the use of my arm and torn shoulder muscles by reducing the inflammation in the soft tissue areas. I sleep on the pad. Simply laying down on it brings great relief. I love how it feels cool with a tingling energy. It is not just a pad. There is 'something' moving thru it when my body touches it. I have noticed something else after sleeping on the pad all night: I wake up before dawn, then go back to sleep, and have dreams in technicolor. This happens often. I have been flooded by amazing dream awareness and thoughts. So, today, I stopped laying on the pad when I awoke before dawn, just to see if there was a difference. I felt more calm with less thought activity, and dozed with no dreams.

In conclusion, I suspect that the intense dreaming may be caused by the energy of the Earth waking up at dawn. Plus, it's been a full moon time, and the heavenly moon also affects the Earths electromagnetic currents. I believe that the Earth is alive with energy, and the earthing ground picks up on this. There is a growing liveliness that happens when the sunshine is coming closer to generating electromagnetic currents with the part of the Earth where my ground connects. Because my sleeping body is in the loop and tapping into this amazing current of activity, I am having more happen in my background field of energy, too. The Earthing pad has given me an easy way to heal and balance my electromagnetic field. I feel it brings equilibrium after the days activities, soothing my physiology, my mind, my emotions, ...and 'naturally' puts me into a more spiritual way of being. This is such a humble, but great product that unites us with Heaven and Earth energy for a healthy life! Thank you.

J.B. Fairfield

I got my Earthing sheet and mat about a month ago. I had heard about it 6 months earlier, and passed on it, doubting the theory and likelihood of it living up to its claims.

But a testimonial from a long time trusted friend moved me to accept the modest expense and give it a shot. My expectation was for some possible relief of pain, which has been a constant feature of my life with Lyme disease for the past 6 years.

I had exhaustively researched and tried just about every purported Lyme remedy during that time, everything from traditional and alternative healing practices, herbs, homeopathy, expensive bio-electronic healing devices, supposedly “magical” healers, acupuncture, sauna, mineral baths, daily oiling up, always clean colon, lots of good water, body work, energetic work, regular long meditation and yoga, and plenty of physical exercise, an all organic strict vegetarian diet----and much more, in this endless list.

Many of these things had remedial value, allowing me at least to be functional, rather than bed ridden. But always, the same disappointing outcome emerged, as far as ever reaching a point of seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. Lyme cast its constant pall over each day to day navigation of its challenges, projecting a future of a relentless, steady deterioration of quality of life. So my expectation from this simple grounding practice was not overly optimistic. What I have experienced the past few weeks now qualifies as the biggest surprise of my life.

The first night, trying the mat, there was a clear difference upon arising in the morning. (The norm for me was to feel as if run over by a truck the day before. With Lyme, I never knew where the pain might manifest with the greatest intensity. Maybe the hip would be so bad, walking would be difficult. Or the neck, or the left shoulder, would seem to be pinching nerves so bad my left arm would feel almost unusable. Or the spine or back could be radiating pain everywhere. The list is also endless ....neurological, skeletal and muscular, pain in the shoulders, arms, legs, vision impairment, throbbing heavy head ache----each day some new, less than desirable adventure with Lyme.)

Now here I was after 8 hours sleep that first night, and I woke up feeling like I had just done a nice slow deep set of Yoga asanas! My body felt rubbery and fluid. Not that all my ailments were gone, but it felt very encouraging. I didn't like the feel of the mat in bed, so I sprung for the special package with the bed sheet right away. 2 days later, I felt pretty heavy and weak for some reason. But then the following day, I felt the best I have in many years. Literally as if the Lyme simply would no longer be a problem in my life! And it has only gotten better since.

Some attitudes changed, like a dramatic wake up call to re-emphasize priorities, to arrange my 63 year old life in a way to always feel as good as possible, rather than setting up for stressful, draining endeavors. This meant rediscovering a most valuable secret of getting outside in bare feet, doing vigorous exercise. Also, I have enjoyed nice very deep meditations, barefoot on the ground, with the constant calmness so naturally prevalent as the backdrop to the entire experience. Coming out of these experiences, I feel truly “turbo charged” with the energy of a healthy 30 something youngster, as if I am ready to tackle the world for the best it has to offer every minute-----the striking antithesis to the typical downtrodden Lyme burdened mindset!

As my experience motivated me to take the time read the book that came with the package, I could see the value of getting grounded as many hours out of each 24 as possible.  The sheet 8 hours per night, the mat whenever I am at the computer, or eating, or most other things at home, and healthy doses of quality grounding barefoot outside-----all add up to fuel energy levels comparable to what I enjoyed in my youth.  I would certainly credit this dedication, of one way or another keeping contact with the earth as much as 20 hours per day, for the remarkable dissipation of Lyme symptoms which had been so entrenched for so long, through so many attempts for cures---- remaining intractable, and apparently dooming me to the “incurable “status for which the disease is renowned. Following is a partial recounting of some of those symptoms which have been relieved.

Perhaps most dramatic is that feeling of waking up to the feeling of vibrant, rubbery, elastic “youthful” ligaments, muscles, tendons, even joints! Quite a contrast from the old feeling, as if they were 90 year old versions---aching joints, with painful, very un-rubbery surrounding fascia and tissues, which would only limit movement and punish any attempts to open up.  

There have been very concrete, specific indications, of systemic changes. In my renewal of a former martial arts practice which involves very rapid movements and fast walking in constant circular paths, with lots of flexible twisting of the body, I have been able to do maneuvers, (now in my bare feet of course), which were absolutely not possible, just a few weeks ago! The former ever present burden of physical pains and limitations of Lyme, have given way to an incredible freedom and exhilaration from this practice.

Circulation to the feet has dramatically improved. Toes which had been red for years, with excruciating pain from ingrown toe nails, had been so sensitive that the slightest touch or bump would cause pain as if hit by a hammer. Now, the feet and toes have no undue redness, no pain at all, even the nails losing their hooks, while the feet are strong enough for lots of twists and turns during barefoot excursions outside. 

 Other circulatory, or neuralgia type problems, with shooting pains and numbness in legs and arms, as well as arthritis in the 3 or 4 days were mostly gone. The magnitude and speed of change has been unbelievable. Also my vision impairment improved, Candida symptoms decreased, congestion of my left ear and a blurry dry eye, all cleared up. Overly sensitive teeth have quit complaining.

My right hip became very weak and arthritic about 3 years into the Lyme, even locking up and crippling at times. The hip has taken longer to get well with Earthing, so I decided to sit on the Earthing rubber mat directly. The mat brought the discomfort down significantly, and increased mobility, within one day.

As I reflect on my experience, and my writing here, It really sounds too good to be true. But it is all just too concrete and overwhelming to be some subtle placebo effect, or whatever. The amount of energy I have each day is illuminating a truly different world from the one I inhabited a month ago. And once experienced, it is so natural, there can be no cause for doubt--- simply getting back in touch with the ground we all have been born to touch, revealing an infinite source of energy which is there to replenish and heal whatever has been drained, or blocked, or impaired in any way, by the vicissitudes of daily life---to enjoy that life to the fullest, forever young again.     

Sally, 61, Fairfield

I have been challenged with Rheumatoid Arthritis since June 2006 and continually searching for answers and relief of pain due to inflammation, and joint destruction.

I purchased the Earthling half sheet (Jan. 30, 2011) after recommended to me from several people. I have the sheet long ways so that most of my body is earthed each night. I also purchased the mat, which I would put under the sheet at the area of my hips to help relieve hip pain at night.

Oh yeah , I also got the bands that I wear when I’m at the computer. One band is on my hand and one is on my knee….both inflamed and tender.

Prior to sleeping on the earthling sheet, I had very little sleep at nights due to the intense pain and hard to get comfortable. Lack of sleep added to my health challenge. It took at least a month before I started to sleep better after getting the sheet. Then, more and more I was starting to sleep for 2 or 3 hrs at a time. For quite some time now, I am sleeping longer periods of time, and deep and restful sleep. I have to be reminded to remember how bad my sleep was prior to grounding. Getting such better sleep no doubt helps with the other challenges I have.

Wearing the bands has improved the wrist and knee joint, with less inflammation and more mobility. I am sure there is much more benefits going on in my body from grounding for 8 months now.

About every 4 months I have blood work done and they check my SED rate to see how much inflammation I have in my body (0-30) is the average range. I have always been in the 60-90 range. Since earthing, the sed rate has come down and this last blood work done this week, SED rate was at 29!! This is the 1st time in 5 years that I have been in the average range.

I know I have a ways to go to regain my health……but I know I’m beating this disease!

I don’t go out much, especially at nights, but wanted to share my testimonial on being grounded, and will want to know what new products the company has to further benefit my wellness!

Heidi Winn

I have discovered that since using the Earthing pad on my bed that both my fiance and me rarely snore anymore. Also, he used to sleep with a cap and socks, and he now has much better heat regulation at night. I sleep much better now...more deeply and all through the night after years of poor sleep.

Di Fenwick

Hi Jim. I started using my earthing sheet the same day I sprained my ankle badly. It was greatly swollen and I was amazed that within 3 days the swelling was right down, with minimal bruising. I have used it for 3 months now and feel settled and smooth throughout the day after sleeping so well in the night. I love it!


My family has been sleeping grounded for a few months and have noticed better quality sleep. Even on nights when we stay up way too late, we wake up feeling well rested and ready to start the day.


I love my earthling sheet. I travel a lot and take it with me everywhere. I am assured of a deep, blissful sleep where ever I may be. In the rare instance I get less than the usual 7 hrs of sleep, I still wake up feeling refreshed and rested. (8 months).


I notice a big difference using the band when traveling, sleep is a better and even meditation. There is a protective soothing of the body and nervous system when hooked up (to the Earth). Also at home sitting in front of the TV is better with the band on my foot. Interesting to me is that I feel more settled and less affected by intense movies.

Christopher Florence

I've been using Earthing products for a year. I recently moved back to Fairfield, IA and had to temporarily discontinue using my Earthing Sheet due to ungrounded outlets in the room I was renting. Since I would be moving into an apartment soon, I decided to wait until then to purchase a grounding rod that would connect my Earthing sheet directly to the earth. After about the 3rd day I really began to miss that stable feeling of being grounded while I slept. I began to experience brain fog and irritability .

The absents of being grounded was so dramatic I called Jim up immediately and ordered the grounding rod that connects one directly to the Earth. The following night I slept soundly and more deeply. I woke up 2 hrs earlier and felt clear, rested, and energetic. What a dramatic difference sleeping grounded can make. I personally feel it is indeed the most important health discovery to date. Connect to Mother Earth and heal. Christopher Florence, Martial and Healing Arts Instructor.


I sleep more deeply since using the Earthing sheet and pad. When waking up in the morning, I feel more alert and positive. Even if I wake up in the night for some reason, I feel less anxious. Also, the pad and blanket seems to help with inner inflammation. Some people say they can't really feel anything immediately when using the products, but my wife and I both noticed a warm, comforting sensation right away. This has continued and could be the basis for the benefits we've experienced.

Marcy Shulman

After reading the Earthing Book I went on line to shop for Earthing products. I wrote to Earthing Fairfield with some questions before my purchase. Jim responded to me very quickly and informatively, providing help as to choosing which things to buy. The Earthing sheet and mat that ordered arrived promptly. After sleeping on the sheet for a few nights, my husband I both noticed that we were getting a much better night's sleep . I have been using both the sheet and the mat for over a month now and am feeling better all the time. I expect this to continue and be even greater with further use.

I told you that originally my husband had been skeptical but now is a great believer in Earthing. I am going on vacation 5 days before him. I told him I wanted to take the sheet with me. He said "so you don't want me to sleep well while you are gone?" I guess that says it all.

I feel that using the mat while working on clients will give them the grounding connection to Earth as well. I have recommended your company to several of my friends and students, also loaning the book to people as well. I can't say enough about how pleased I am both you and your company. I look forward to telling my students about how the connection to Earth can improve their lives as well. Thank you for everything.

Sincerely, Marcy Shulman, Website: Email:

Pam Macey

For years I had pains in my legs , along the sciatic nerve. It particularly bothered me at night when I tried to sleep. After about a week of using the grounding sheet I noticed the pain was gone. I has been about a year since I started using the grounding sheet and the pain has never returned. It it amazing to me that something so simple could have such a profound effect. I love my Earthing sheet.

Rory Goff

Dear Jim,

I have been using the Earthing sheet and Earthing mat for nearly two months now, and I am most happy to report both ongoing and ever-deepening benefits.

For the three years before I began earthing, I had unwittingly been immersing myself in more-or-less constant microwave radiation -- from a so-called smart-meter in our basement, from a cordless phone in our kitchen, and from wireless internet both at home and at work. By the time I finally figured out what was happening, I was unable to get any deep sleep at all, and suffered from "brain-fuzz," frequent and intense heart-pounding arrhythmia, and a rosacea-like rash all over my face. My internal organs were also feeling more and more "dead" or closed down.

Shielding the smart-meter and switching back to corded phone and internet helped me get relatively deep sleep again immediately, but the other symptoms persisted. About a week later I discovered Earthing. The first night I slept on an earthing sheet, I felt as if I was in a cave surrounded by ferns -- it was so incredibly deep and peaceful! And that has been an amazingly consistent experience ever since. I have also very frequently noticed gently powerful, kundalini-like bioelectric currents flowing up my legs and bathing whole body -- especially my kidneys, liver, spleen and heart -- with healing energy.

I have also been inspired to take much better care of myself, getting to bed early (it is such a pleasure to sleep now, that is easy), taking supplements, getting more exercise (mostly walking barefoot on grass and swimming in lakes), and so on. I am trying to stay earthed as close to 24/7 as possible.

Now my mind is clear again; my heart is back to normal; people have begun commenting on how much better my skin is looking, and recently I have been starting to feel an amazing vitality -- more vibrantly alive and strong overall than I have since I was a teenager!

Well, that's about it, so far! I will try to keep you posted as and when further developments unfold. Thank you again, Jim!

With most sincere gratitude and appreciation,

Rory Goff

O. S.

I have been earthing for about 15 months. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had great relief from my symptoms. I realized just how much this was the case when I had to sleep in another bed for three nights without my Earthing sheet and my symptoms were much worse.

Jimmy Sinton

I have been using the sheet, mat and leg band for over a year and have experienced some impressive benefits. Firstly after two months I noticed that my two frozen shoulders had "melted" allowing me to sleep on my tummy for the first time in over 15 years. Then I noticed that the ulcerated skin lesions I suffered from began to shrink and disappear until even the pigmented scar tissue vanished.

Female, 62

I love my grounding sheet. It helps me have blissful sleep and fall asleep easily, no matter what my evening activity. Even if I have not slept my usual 7 hours, I wake up feeling refreshed and fully rested. I believe this is one of the most important health products available and can be used by anyone. Thank you, Earthling!!!!

Female, 57

Over one year ago I was diagnosed with a challenging disease ALS (Lou Gehrig's). My sleep became erratic at best. My sister gave me a grounding sheet, hoping it would help settle me during the night. It really helped! Now, even if I awake in the night, I can easily go back to sleep. I also use a grounding pad at work and feel that this, along with diet, have helped me remain stable. (1 yr.+) I LOVE THE SHEET! I now have a king sized fitted sheet. Thanks for this "invention".


I had a friend tell me about Earthing products and some of the amazing results he and others were getting regarding long and short term health problems. He loaned me the Earthing Book and after half way through I was ready to give Earthing a try.

I am really fairly healthy over-all, but for the last 6 months I have had a soreness in my left shoulder that has kept me from sleeping properly . Usually I wake up with the pain and find myself moving around trying to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. I was waking up several times a night with this and it was making me tired during the day. I started with a half sheet and a grounding matt to use while I am on the computer.

Within the first week the soreness was gone and I was sleeping undisturbed. I was quite impressed with the results. I definitely attribute it to the grounding sheet because after a month my wife forgot to attach the grounding cord after washing it. I was not aware of this and within a few days I was having my shoulder pain again. It was only then that I checked the cord and discovered it was not attached. Again after a few days the pain was gone.

I have noticed that with continued use I do wake up more alert and refreshed than before. I am also having very clear dreams where before I very rarely would remember dreaming a tall. This is an interesting technology and definitely worth giving it a try. Considering how inexpensive the grounding products are and the amazing results I have had I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with health issues. If you have any interest, definitely read the Earthng Book offered on this site.



I was very pleased with the handling of my order and received it promptly. I am very pleased with the mattress pad and started having a REALLY GOOD all night sleep in 3 days. Such a simple concept with wonderful results. I purchased the deluxe kit and handed out wrist bands and patches to family members who also find "earthing" amazing. thank you for your website and efforts to bring humans back to nature so to speak!


I am Native American and try to follow the wisdom & advice of the Elder's. "Always sit and sleep on the ground" Science finally caught up with our saying:"STAY CONNECTED TO MOTHER EARTH!" When something IS NOT working, one looks for something that WILL work.
My allergies went from seasonal to ruling my life 24/7 all year around! I treated myself with my tax rebate in mid-february and bought the Starter Kit, then held my breathe. Did not use the mat. (just the sheet)
My focus was allergies, but it was an added bonus to sleep and feel more rested when I woke up! That was the first week!
The month of May was the tester...I needed only seasonal over the counter allergy end of summer I did not need to use the over the counter allergy meds! ON a different note, I moved and could not take my sheet or mat. I made sure to reorder the Starter Kit!

Sleeping connected to the earth.

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